NEWS! - Cyber Terminators – Shutdown Scam About / DescriptionSo few of you may now that Cyber Terminators one of the Biggest Flash Hacking Community has shutdown due to the owner feeling that he was not gaining anything from it. Which is understandable, He wants to move on in his life and Advance his career. [...]
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NEWS! - GodHacks NukleusV4 Now on all Platforms! About / DescriptionNukleusV4 is now on all platforms. Such as Desktop/Laptop, Phone & Tablet! we now supply a huge range of cheats & mods all within our platform to every kind of user from android modders to Pc Modders! We are working on increasing the library of [...]
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NEWS! - War Commander: Rogue Assault 2.40.0 Offers 50% Off On Equipment About / DescriptionWar Commander represents an immersive experience of combat inside a massive multiplayer online world. This game delivers stunning, fully 3D visuals that are pretty rare with mobile games. Here’s what you have to do You obtain the command over an army, [...]
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NEWS! - New Virus Decides If Your Computer Good for Mining or Ransomware About / Description Security researchers have discovered an interesting piece of malware that infects systems with either a cryptocurrency miner or ransomware, depending upon their configurations to decide which of the two schemes could be more profitable. While ransomware is a type of malware [...]
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NEWS! - What is to come GODHACKS! About / Description What's to come! GodHacks will be returning with a new system, website and much more! We currently have no time frame on when this will be available but as soon as it is ready we will release everything ! Take a look around our new [...]
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