Welcome! Dungeon Blitz is a massively-multiplayer action adventure you play right here in Facebook. Team up with old and new friends to explore, battle monsters and find treasure. Or go it alone.

Play for ten minutes or an hour, and when you come back, your hero will be waiting, ready to continue the adventure. Leap fireballs and dodge dragon breath in your pursuit of gold and glory in the lost land of Ellyria.

With hundreds of magic items, thousands of monsters, and millions of possible characters, Dungeon Blitz is a mash-up of the best features of side-scrollers, RPGs and MMOs. Dungeon Blitz is free-to-play and quick to try, so there’s no reason not to jump in right now.

Hacks Available : 

  • High Damage for high levels
  • High Damage for low levels
  • Unlock all abilities
  • Max Ability Rank
  • Health Hack
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