Star Battleships is set in a war-torn Universe. Opposing Terran factions of the Red Fleet of Cydonia and the United Earth Federation have expanded their reach across the stars and battle each other over the rare mineral, Unobtanium. However, in the depths of space, greater dangers await….

Explore the Stars; outmaneuver the enemy with superior tactics in epic space battles with cinematic sequences for unique special attacks!

Equip your fleet with deadly weapons, parts; assign unique crew members to unlock new strategic options.


– Powerful battleships!

– Hundreds of randomly generated weapons and equipment for your ships

– Unique crew and skills

– High definition 2D character art

– Customizable formation for strategic play

– High Quality 3D graphics and battle cutscenes

Commander, your fleet awaits!

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Hacks Available : 

  • Disable Enemies + Always your Turn
  • Damage Hack
  • Weapon Accuracy Hack
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