So few of you may now that Cyber Terminators one of the Biggest Flash Hacking Community has shutdown due to the owner feeling that he was not gaining anything from it. Which is understandable, He wants to move on in his life and Advance his career. But He has left Cyber Terminators In control of some dim wits who know nothing about Flash Hacking or Maintaining a website, They have also thought that they need to ask for money to pay for said website but we all know in the Web Development world it does NOT cost anymore than £15 To create a website Here is our domain cost + Start Up costs of this website Not including Our Nukleus Servers

Domain: £7.80

Web Hosting: £1.00 A Month Biannually : £36

Cloudflare Security DDos Protection: Free

SSL: Free Provided By Cloudflare

Website Licences: Free

As you can see it costs £8.80 to start a website on the first month, It would then only cost £1 a month going further

Cyber Terminators has attempted the Shutdown Scam and are begging for Money! DO NOT DONATE I WARN YOU THEY CANNOT PROVIDE WHAT THEY USED TO BE ABLE TO!

We also offered to help them with the server costs they denied us which i was baffled by which also makes me believe even more that they don’t need the money for the servers they only want to scam you guys out of your money, What also confuses me is how they call GodHacks Cheap! Well that’s their opinion but we have spent more time developing our software than them theres looks rushed and unprofessional and ours is a platform that anyone can use simple and easy!


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